What We Do

“World-class labels, flexible packaging, and folding cartons for 30 years and counting.”
  • Labels


    The "face" of your product.

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  • Flexible Packaging

    Flexible Packaging

    Standup Pouches, Shrink Sleeves, Packets, and more.

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  • Boxes

    Folding Cartons

    Cosmetic, Food, and Nutraceuticals

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Custom Labels

Your Label Matters

Your label is the “face” of your product, the first impression. Like you have done with your product, we have taken every step necessary to make sure we provide the highest standards and quality in print.

  • Foil Stamping (hot stamping and cold foiling – rotary or flatbed)
  • Embossing (standard and sculpted – rotary or flatbed)
  • Spot Varnishes (gloss, matte, and tactile)
  • Thousands of cutting dies already in inventory
  • UV inks, Metallic inks, CMYK, and Pantones

Your Material Matters

Material choices run from A to Z. Do you want a label that uses no trees or water to produce? Just ask. Do you want a label made from wild grass? Let us know! Show us your vision and we will recommend the material for you.

Your Design Matters

We regard design with the utmost respect. We review all art before printing (suggesting any necessary changes) because we want to make sure every detail translates to print

Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging


From biodegradable packaging to 3-D proofing mechanisms, we believe that our team is creating some of the most innovative flexible packaging solutions in North America (we’d like to say “on the planet”, but we just can’t keep track of everyone).

What is flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging is a modern wave of product packaging that is popping up on shelves, everywhere. Some of the most common forms of flexible packaging are: standup pouches, shrink sleeves, sachets, cold-seal, tea bags, coffee bags, and bar wrappers.

Folding Cartons

Folding Cartons

Probably the most prevalent form of packaging used around the world today, folding cartons have become almost necessary for any retail line. When we decided to offer folding cartons, we chose to do everything under one roof rather than outsource various services. This choice has led to unparalleled quality, consistency, and versatility.

Structural Design / Pre-press Department

This is where your project starts. Do you have a funky box idea? Good, we like those! Pre-press doesn’t let anything inadequate get passed them. They translate art files to print and they take pride in this. If you ask them, they’d tell you pre-press is the most crucial step in the process.

The ink lab

Remember mixing colors in school? No different here. We’ll make any color you want.

The presses

We love toys. Who doesn’t? Our Heidelberg, Kamori, and Comco (to name a few) presses keep the facility humming throughout the day. If you have a job, chances are, we can do it. Want a tour? Just ask!

The finishing department

Did we mention we love toys? The finishing department is no exception. From foiling to embossing to varnishing, we have you covered.

The operators

We love our operators. Without their hard work, nothing would get done. They don’t eat, they don’t sleep, and they never get tired. Superheroes? We think so. (we are kidding about the not eating or sleeping part, they get plenty of both!)


If we thought we weren’t delivering the highest forms of quality products, we wouldn’t be here. There are plenty of folding carton manufacturers out there and we won’t be “just another print shop”. Don’t let us tell you, ask our clients.

Custom Labels

How We Do It

“Created right. On time. Every time.”

Our approach is simple.  We explore your products and your vision. We ask questions. We get to know you. We get to know your product and your brand.  Then, we take that information and we create what we know best: printed packaging.

Your packaging will evolve, as your needs change, and our job is to make sure you stay relevant as you grow.

We know there are a million different printing companies out there but we feel printing isn’t just about printing.  It’s about brand confidence and certainty. It’s about knowing the job will be done right. It’s about craft and care and reliability.

Through print technique, digital technology, and environmentally aware practices, we are prepared to complement all of your creative ambitions and all of your needs for good product.  If you want to ask our clients, just ask. We’ll make sure we get you in touch with them.

Print Technique

the art of print technique

  • flexography – Nilpeter, Mark Andy, and Comco Hybrid Flexo/Gravure
  • rotogravure – Comco Hybrid Flexo/Gravure
  • offset lithography – Heidelberg and Komori
  • digital offset – HP Indigo WS6600 and ABG Digicon for finishing

Digital Technology

progressive digital technology

  • multiple, digital offset presses allow us to “never be down”
  • HP Indigo technology utilizing CMYK, Hexachrome, and Indichrome printing
  • perfect print registration
  • multiple in-line hot stamping, varnishing, and sculpted embossing

Environmentally Aware

ecologically and environmentally stable materials and practices

  • biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, and FSC certified labels and packaging
  • cradle to cradle materials
  • ISO certified manufacturing

Visions In Print

eb5 eb5
Chateau Lorraine Chateau Lorraine
Tellurian Baby Tellurian Baby
Innovative Skincare Innovative Skincare
Taya Beauty Taya Beauty
Martedi Winery Martedi Winery
Couture Color Couture Color
Murad Murad
Philip B Philip B
Syndero Syndero

About Us

Why We Do It

“I was born into this.”

We started small. No Computers. No Internet. The telephone, the Rolodex, and the press were what we had and what we knew. Over the years we adapted and evolved, growing with the successes of our clients and assisting with the development of award-winning packaging.

Our interest for printing ink on substrates started at various times, and in different forms, depending on which one of us you ask. A few of us might say, “I was born into this”; others might say, “It simply happened.”  But the one thing you can be sure that we all will say, is: “It wouldn’t have happened without you.”

Carol Davis | President

Way back in 1975, the women of our country decided it was time for us to prove our independence and ability to be self-sufficient. This housewife and mother of two decided to hop on the liberty train, and I’ve never looked back. The days of trying to be the can-do-it-all Super Mom had officially commenced.

I began my climb up the ladder, so to speak, as a part-time bookkeeper with Franklin Associates.  Larry Franklin and Gene Diamond, the men who hired me, knew the print business inside and out and afforded me the opportunity to work with and learn from two very good teachers.

Despite the fact that I loved the work, my children remained my priority; as such, my daily agenda consisted of rushing between Burbank and Granada Hills for little league games, dance practices and recitals, and doctor appointments.  (Kids always seem to be sick, don’t they?) Then, after a long day of learning the printing business and playing chauffeur to two active children, I returned home to cook dinner and complete all the rest of my wifely duties. Yikes I’m tired just thinking about it!

Eventually, Gene & Larry divorced, in a strictly business sense, and I ended up working with Gene for the next 25 years. Gene’s retirement eight years ago gave me the chance to buy a business that, by then, I had grown to know so well.  And the final chapter or twist, if you prefer:  My daughter, Shannon, began working with Gene and me while attending college, and she stuck with it! 17 years down the road, I knew that Shannon would make a great partner, so papers were signed and the business was ours!

Whoever thought that little girl from Tucson would go to the big city and find success. I certainly didn’t, but it happened nonetheless. I’m proud of myself and so very proud of Shannon. How lucky for me. A Mother & Daughter company instead of Father & Son. We have come a long way, baby!

Shannon Ghoston | Vice President

Back when I was a young kid, I loved when my mom, Carol, returned from work with cool, novelty stickers – especially the scratch and sniff ones! She always seemed to have an endless supply of stickers for decorating or just having fun.

Then, when I was around 10 years old, I graduated from stickers to order forms.  You may remember them—those multi-page, carbon copy forms that were used to place orders.  Before computers became part of our lives, everything was either typed or hand written.

Anyway, I loved to play office with the forms and pretend I was doing the same work my mom did. Sick days and school holidays were sometimes spent in my Mom’s office, where I enjoyed an entire supply room of forms and labels to play with.

Fast forward to age 22 when I began my career as a bookkeeper/secretary with GDA. After only a short time in that role, I started assisting Gene & my mom with their customers and soon discovered that I truly enjoyed the customer relationship aspect of my job.  For example, I assisted with the Redken account in the early days of my career; working closely with Gene, I honed my skills so as to enable me to contribute more and more in the future.

Now, 17 years later, here I am—a wife, mother to a 5-year-old boy, and a partner with my mom in the business I grew up in.  As for working with my Mom, I am proud to follow in the footsteps of one of the kindest, smartest, dedicated, trustworthy people I know.  Of utmost importance, of course, is the fact that she’s my mother, but she is also my mentor, my role model, and my friend.

Tyson Marshall | Technical Director

“The old darkroom… the familiar, bright flash of light. Quiet. The plate maker, coming to life, interrupts the silence… The plates are mounted now. The pressman is ready. The ink is mixed and the press starts turning…”

Growing up, anytime I opened the doors to my Dad’s commercial printing company, I was greeted by the sounds and smells of Heidelberg printing presses pushing paper around cylinders and printing familiar images of the businesses around town.

I remember the first summer my dad put me to work in the bindery department.  He was in the middle of a huge order for McDonald’s and desperately needed some help.  I recruited a few buddies, and he paid us by the piece to punch the McDonald’s die cut hands out of a sheet.

Little did he know (or did he?) that my friends and I would go on to make enough money punching out those hands to keep us from having to work for the rest of the summer.

Though always intrigued by my Dad’s business, I was also extremely curious about the rest of the world, so after high school I spent most of my time traveling to other countries and getting lost in the outdoors.

If you asked me then if I’d be here today, I would have responded, “No way!”  It’s strange how life works; I suppose I missed some of those familiar, childhood idiosyncrasies more than I ever imagined I would. 

After my travels, I eventually found myself working for a flexography shop in Seattle, where I learned a side of the printing industry I never knew.  All the technical nuances kept me entertained long enough to soak it all in, and, then, before I knew it I was hooked.  Perhaps it was the proximity to adhesives or maybe just the memories of countless hours messin’ around in my Dad’s shop; whatever it was, the printing business had finally grabbed hold.

For years GDA had been an all female enterprise, but I guess the mother/daughter duo decided they could use a man (or y chromosome) around the office.  So they hired me and I relocated from Seattle to Newbury Park, where I utilize my technical print knowledge to assist in engineering projects with a focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Some might say I was born into this…

Grayson | English Cream Retriever | Good Will Ambassador

My name is Grayson Davis-Lewis and I was hired on at GDA about 2 1/2 years ago. So far it’s working out just smell… oh, I mean swell. My title is “Good Will Ambassador” and my job description is as follows:

1.  Greet and meet all that come to visit, without jumping (a real challenge).

2.  Keep the office staff safe and happy, console when we don’t get the job (most of the time we do).

3.  Shred paper (oops, sometimes checks).

4.  My salary is 3-6  cookies a day (I hope to get a raise soon, and maybe a bonus, too) which I share with my best pal Racer (he is not a shredder like I am..but, then again, he is older…. and more mature…).

All and all, this is the best place to work in the entire world. I wish everybody’s job was as important as mine.

Your devoted pal,

Racer | Brown Lab | Everyone's Best Friend

My name is Racer Ghoston and my Dad is a huge Nascar fan and that is how my parents came up with my name. It fits me well because I love to race around.

I started coming to work with my mom when I was only a couple months old. Back then, I used to chew up any box I could find, leaving little pieces strewn about. This didn’t leave a great impression when customers came to visit, but I didn’t care.

I am 8 now and I put all that chewing up stuff behind me. It’s all about being a good influence on my little buddy Grayson who shares an office space with me. I love coming to work; my favorite part of the day, other than mealtime. I am a huge people person and I get pretty excited when we get visitors. If you’ve met me before, I probably gave you one too many kisses; a habit I can’t seem to break.

I don’t have a computer or phone so if you need anything from me, stop by, I know I could at least put a smile on your face. 

Your friend, 



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